The Hunt: My Story

The day that I received my job offer (my #1 pick might I add!), I was talking with a friend about how I couldn’t believe that my job hunt was actually over. In the end, I earned two job offers! No more applications! No more interviews! No more waiting! What a relief!!

My 4-month journey for not just any job, but the perfect job for me was nothing like I imagined. It wasn’t just hard; it was way more than that. It took a lot of creativity, networking and advice from mentors and people who were in my position not too long ago. Let me not forget to mention a whole lot of praying! Throughout my entire search, I was still interning full time. It was exhausting, but somehow I was able to do it. My friend suggested that I share my experience with you on my blog. Not because in the end I received a job offer, but because I worked my way to choosing the right job for me.

The Hunt

Anytime you see The Hunt in a post title, get ready. That’ll be me sharing with you parts of my own job hunt. I’ll also share tips and lessons that really great and successful people told me, and some that I’ve even picked up on my own.

I don’t believe there’s a set formula for success. However, I do believe that there are a few equations that will bring you closer to the finish line.

One thought on “The Hunt: My Story

  1. Reblogged this on How I Landed My Dream Job and commented:
    Landing your dream job is one of the greatest feelings ever. Find out how Erica Hilton stayed patience, never settled, and ended up getting an awesome jumpstart to her Career, in the industry of her choice.
    Join us as we congratulate Erica, “The Hunt” is over!

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