My Blog… The Re-Up

If you haven’t noticed this already, my blog isn’t actually a blog. I mean it is, but then again it isn’t. I didn’t create it as a blog. It was created as a branding tool to market myself, an e-portfolio. I first created it in the fall of 2010 as a class assignment. My resume, bio and work samples were even posted on the site. I made sure to upkeep it over the years and have even given it a couple of face lifts since then. My ultimate goal was to use it to help lead me to a fantastic first career job, and I’m proud to say that day has come!

Since my career is officially launching in January, I have decided to give my e-portfolio another face life (sort of). Even though this post is called “The Re-Up”, the up part is still up and coming. This lift is going to be very gradual and ongoing, but this time around I’m actually turning into a blog. I’m still using it as a branding tool, but this time I’m having a lot more fun with it. I know blogs are supposed to focus on one topic and one topic only, BUT aren’t rules meant to be broken sometimes? In any case, I am deciding to break the ultimate blog rule: I don’t have a blog topic.14723_4171562972741_212520903_n

This blog is going to be my outlet to share with you my experiences, stories and just my life period. Please don’t let that scare you away though! I’m pretty sure that this will end up being a captivating read. I mean think about: I’m a southern girl living in Washington, DC (so much to do, things I’ve never seen and so many new opportunities!); I have a brand new career in communications AND it’s a progressive one; This hair of mine is au naturale, so I’m still trying to work out all my kinks (all pun intended!); My friends are crazy, driven and gorgeous; My love life is only just a little less crazy. See what I mean? It can be pretty unpredictable, which always makes for a good story. I’ve also picked up some really great advice and learned some really hard lessons these past few years; I want to share those with you too.

I hope you stick around. I can’t even describe to you how excited I am to turn into exactly what I want it to be; something just for me. The fact that I’m sharing this wild ride with you makes me even more excited.

Much love, peace and happiness


One thought on “My Blog… The Re-Up

  1. Hi! I’m new here so I’ve decided to start from the beginning, which I prefer to do anytime I start reading a new blog. I was recommended by my doll Kimberly Luxe, so I’m sure the content is captivating. I really love your site and all the ambition that shines through it. Congrats on landing your dream career and wishing you much success with that in the future.

    -Chymere Anais //

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