3 Tips for Success That Most People Ignore

3 Tips for Success That Most People IgnoreI love professional and career building events. I have to admit though, some of the tips given at these events can be pretty repetitive. But, can you guess why? Because they’re important!

Ironically, as important as these tips are, most people don’t actually follow them, including myself sometimes. Here are three tips that are given at professional and career growth events that most people ignore. Hopefully after this you won’t be one of them.

1.      Actually Follow Up With Contacts

Business cards are amazing. They’re the keys that can open almost any door that exists. However, if you don’t use them, they’re pointless.

As soon as you get a new contact, reach out to them through email. Even if you don’t want something now, you may need something later. By the time later comes around, they’ll remember you.

Read more at Elite DC Magazine. 

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