What’s Your Motivation?

I’ll be the first to tell you that trying to succeed in this day and age isn’t exactly easy. Some days can be down right hard. You know what I’m talking about. Chasing your dreams can sometimes be a rocky road. Every day you’re competing against the best of the best, and you’re always trying to prove yourself to the rest of the world.

No matter how rough the road to success may get, always keep in the forefront what motivates you. What do I do? Everyday on my way to work I pass the White House. Now I’m just a regular girl from a regular town in North Carolina, but every time I walk pass the White House I remind myself that if I got here, there’s no telling how far I’ll go next.

What’s your motivation?

The White House

3 thoughts on “What’s Your Motivation?

  1. I like this post. I needed to read it actually because I’m coming through some rough phases in my career and I need to remind myself of my motivation to get me through those short, bad time periods. My motivation: looking back at pictures to the places I’ve been and seeing how far I’ve come and realizing I’m only getting started!

  2. My favorite motivation would have to be myself. Being self-motivated is something I’ve had to learn the hard way, because you can’t always depend on others to do it for you. Another Motivator would be my support system, made up of family members, close friends, accountability partners and mentors who really root for me and push me forward. Great post!

    -Chymere Anais // http://www.chymere-anais.blogspot.com

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