What MTV Really Said

I’ve been wondering why the MTV Video Music Awards (VMAs) is being held on a Thursday this year when it’s often held on Sundays. The only reason I ask is because this Thursday is the final day of the Democratic National Convention (DNC). President Obama, Vice President Biden and other important individuals will be speaking. Today, I posed the question on Twitter. I directed it towards MTV without expecting a response. Surprisingly, I got one from MTV’s verified account itself. Their response? They were “trying something new”. Now I’m not going to address my super-duper quick, quick convo with MTV from a political angle. HOWEVER, I do hope the question I posed makes readers THINK, but I digress. That’s for another post.

Any who, I’m not trying to throw MTV under the bus… (Wait a minute, yes I am). Honestly, it seems as though they just threw someone new behind their account for the day and the person was just tweeting without thinking. The problem with that thought is that it’s just speculation. The only fact I have is what I asked and what MTV answered. Unfortunately, their response was really… bad. Let me tell you what MTV really said in response to my question, regardless if it’s what they were trying to say or not.

  1. It’s not a big deal. It’s just the DNC.
  2. It’s not our problem whether or not the youth is politically aware.
  3. Here they go again.
  4. Girl, bye.

I could go on and on, but you get the point. My advice for anyone who manages a social media account on behalf of an organization, company or a huge corporation is to be careful of what you respond to the public. You may be saying one thing, but the public may be hearing something totally different. I scrolled through a lot of MTV’s Twitter timeline, and if you’re managing social media accounts, it’s a great example of what not to do when managing a company account.

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