It’s Okay to Take a Brain Break Every Now and Then

For many students it’s either the last week of classes or it’s approaching quickly. Just before you get to take a relaxing exhale because the last week of classes is over, you realize that you still have to deal with finals week! You’re feeling overwhelmed! You’re swamped with last minute work and papers, and some of you still have jobs and internships that you have to balance.

Well if you’re like me then your brain is starting to feel like mush! 24 hours in the day is not enough time to complete everything you have to do. And sleep? You can’t even remember what it feels like to have a complete eight hours in your grasp.

What you need is a brain break! A brain break is when you take a few minutes out of your day to do something that relaxes you. You completely take your thoughts off of the work you have to do and put a little of your time into something else that’s enjoyable for you. Whether it’s watching a 30-minute sitcom, reading a quick book chapter on your daily bus ride, taking a quick walk around the block or even just sitting outside for small period of time.

What’s my brain break? I actually have a whole handful that I rotate back and forth between. It can be leisurely reading on the way to my internship in the morning, washing a load of clothes, writing about something that has absolutely nothing to do with school or internship or if I’m really, really overwhelmed I’ll watch a movie on television.

The truth is that no matter how much work that I have to complete, if I start to feel overwhelmed then I can’t get anything accomplished. Taking a brain break is what gets me back on track. It’s okay to take a brain break every now and then! It’s the best way to keep your head from exploding from end of the semester activities.

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