Top 10 Tweeting Commandments! (Thanks Glamour!)

To some people, social networking and media sites are nothing but a space to vent and a way to keep up with friends. Truth is… with most companies now having accounts on sites such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Tumblr, there’s a certain social network etiquette that we should keep in mind. Social networking sites are linked to EVERYTHING these days! Take the unfortunate fatal stabbing of Bowie State University sophomore student, Dominique Frazier, allegedly by her suite mate, Alexis Simpson. Tweets from both women have been used on numerous news reporting sites to paint a picture of who both of the girls were. Some of the tweets that may have seemed harmless at the time are now be taken into not so good consideration. Blogs have even posted the women’s Twitter names to offer their readers a chance to take a look for themselves.

Glamour Magazine’s latest issue had some really great Top 10 Tweeting Commandments so I thought I’d share with you! Take heed and enjoy!
-e. Hilton

  1. DO have fun and be funny (like Ellen DeGeneres!). Twitter is a great forum for punchy jokes.
  2. DON’T overshare. Nobody wants a newsletter announcing when you’re on your period. (But thanks anyway, Katy Perry! For those of you who missed her tweet last year, we’ll catch you up: “THAT’S RIGHT I’M BLEEDING.”)
  3. DO follow the stars you’d want to be friends with, the newspapers you read, the designers you wear and the websites you get great deals from. It’s the most in-the-know way to be in the know.
  4. DON’T b**** about work. This is not the place (and—hello!—they can see you).
  5. DO play nice. This is a public forum, so don’t say anything you wouldn’t say to someone’s face—or to a TV camera.
  6. DON’T exceed the tolerable four-tweets-a-day limit. Hear that, Diddy?
  7. DO take this chance to chat directly with your favorite celebs and authors. Sometimes they’ll even tweet you back!
  8. DON’T send anyone a picture of your private parts. Ever.
  9. DO use Twitter to its full potential. It’s been the breeding ground for books, TV shows and political revolutions. You decide what’s next.
  10. And if you know you’re going to do these DON’Ts no matter what we say, then just…make your account settings private, OK?Read More

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