3 Reasons Why Those Who Lead Should Lead on Social Media

This post originally appeared on Online Careers Tips and was written by Tiffany Young, Public Relations Manager for American Public University System.

From CEOs of Fortune 500 companies to presidents of nonprofit associations to youth soccer team coaches, those who lead have found that a social media presence can be beneficial. Despite the documented successes found by leaders who engage on social media platforms, there are still some leaders who do not participate.

I recently took note of this at a conference I attended for PR and communication professionals. Attendees were encouraged to use social media during the conference to connect with others and to get highlights from sessions. A good majority of them were senior-level executives and many others were sole proprietors of their own agencies, but yet few were using some form of social networking. This shouldn’t have been a surprise; according to a report from Domo and CEO.com, 68 percent of Fortune 500 CEOs lacked a social presence – they weren’t on any of the major social networks.

I decided to try to get more of the leaders at the conference to turn to social media. After a quick 30 minute pep-talk about the benefits of engaging on social media, I sat down with a few and showed them how to tweet from their phones, create a list of speakers and sponsors, and even post a photo on their Facebook pages using a hashtag! They all enjoyed the lesson and said they planned to re-engage with their followers to hopefully increase their network.

Here are three tips to share with your leaders on why social media is relevant:

  1. The Ability to Build a Personal Brand – Social Media allows a leader to continually provide content to stakeholders in a way that adds significant value to the brand.  In addition, leaders can identify and engage online colleagues by reading and commenting on their blogs, following them on Twitter, and connecting with them on Facebook.

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Be Sure to Check Your Domain Name!

Every now and then I come across someone’s website that shows me no content whatsoever about themselves because their domain name has expired. I am disappointed to announce that after numerous alerts about my upcoming domain name expiration date, my domain name (www.ericahilton.com) expired. Domain ExpiredHow did I find out about my domain name expiration? I clicked my website link on Twitter and was completely redirected to an ugly blank page that said, “This domain name has expired.” Luckily I was able to catch it and renew it the same date it expired, so I’m officially back up and running.

But let’s play what if. What if I didn’t catch it when I did? What if I was still applying for jobs with my website plastered all over my resume, cover letter and business cards? I would have been crap out of luck. People would have taken the time to check me out for nothing. Not to mention it can also look unprofessional, especially when you’re trying to brand yourself.

The moral of this story? Don’t be like me. Frequently check the domain name to your website. You always want to be aware whether it’s working properly or not. Catch it before you even have a problem.